The cable guy’s advice: specialist proclaiming to work for time period Warner Cable happens to be asking all on Reddit

The cable guy’s advice: specialist proclaiming to work for time period Warner Cable happens to be asking all on Reddit

Some body proclaiming to be a moment Warner line technician is actually spilling ways on Reddit.

Time Warner cable tv, the second-largest carrier of television and websites in america, informed crystal it is looking at the listings. “We’re not able to check out if the person is really a current or past staff member,” a spokesman believed.

Reddit owner cableguy_the begun an “Ask Me all” (AMA) bond, uploading images of his identification marker and consistent as proposed proof his or her work. Their answers to the questions can be found in are extremely frank. Here are several parts (typos stored).

On Comcast’s impending acquire of Time Warner cable tv:

We desire the merger due to the fact newest team in charge will be the worst type of recently history. A lot of people getting fired thanks to impossible performance metrics. Most of the energy might for customer service staff and stripped within the people who actually look at the properties and mend trouble . It’s chaos and the corporation is being operated like stool IMHO [in the modest view].

About hassle between technicians and customer care reps:

Yea customer service staff and techs happen to be preventing a war that not one person views. Most people dread them, these people dislike united states. These people inform visitors the thing is the gear in the event it almost never is. Most of us inform buyers just to pay no attention to exactly what man from the phone claims because chances are very good, they have never bound a house, put a drop or remedied cable tv.

On what’s truly completely wrong along with your hookup:

dont feel 50% of exactly what rep throughout the cellphone informs you. Only arrange the tech. Allow him run. He’s done this before. The agent just tips telephones. It’s hardly ever the apparatus leading to the problems.

Throughout the secret to get best support:

Once a technical shows up ,ask for his or her supervisors amount. Simply tell him its not to lose him or her but to escalate issues. He may dub his sup to make sure their cool but that will assist.

On what’s preventing faster net down load velocities:

Truly, basic analogue cable. It requires upwards sooo a great deal bandwidth . 1 network per number vs bonding several wavelengths to provide 8 stations for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As soon as we go 100% electronic tv.. Internet will get a lot faster. Furthermore obstruction. If you’re around a college it’s survival in an uncertain future . Grandmother may also use the lady 15 meg for email and browsing but youthful Johnny college or university boy is terrible in the data transfer useage in your neighborhood utilizing netflix and torrenting and games. Nevertheless they pay out similar. IMHO what would hit this really capping facts and supplying everybody uncapped increase.

On the reason why splitting your very own cable hookup was a terrible idea:

Adding a splitter to simply attenuate the indication is basically dumb we all already have points referred to as attenuators that do this without including unnecessary splitter. However it is correct that extreme indicate can be just as terrible as too little we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his task:

I would be shot according to whom draws me personally. I would buy an extra their so hard to share with all the technique this manufacturer is presently structured.

On what Wi-Fi indicators are generally unreliable, and may staying vanquished by side and walls:

Indeed best shown. Plaster structure particularly.Solid hardwood doors, getting into a basement as soon as the device goes in the 2nd floor or likewise. Wi-fi is actually a fickle beast.

On the “broken” line modem:

Yea I listen to this loads. I would personally claim in certain seasons I would state 5percent regarding the modems We changed comprise really bad. Most of us create most dog and pony series and just change it anyway. The problem is usually certainly not gear appropriate. Modems either operate or the two don’t. There can be therefore little between. Simply easy machines. You will find tv series users using personal notebook every single thing using okay, next turn back once again to the company’s technology and anything would go to shit. They still desire a fresh modem..Its insanity.

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