Administrative/ Clerical Services

Document Production

The process of producing documents is a process involving drafting, checking, and revising the document. It ought to continue until a document of acceptable quality is produced. Our clients/customers rely on us to offer them with outstanding expert document production services and in many cases we are their first port of call for assistance, especially out of office hours. We provide expert legal document production services to our clients 24/7.

Editing/Proofing/Data Entry

Save Your Hours provide exceptional Editing/Proofing/Data Entry services that include various fields such as data processing, data entry, web content writing, data conversion, and especially in editing and proofreading. Proofreading and editing is the most significant part of good web content. In the current competitive business world, getting a new customer is very complicated task, and no one can afford to lose an existing customer. So, in order to attract more customers, every business wants to present their product in the best way.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is regarded as the most accessible and useful way to create and present visual aids; PPTs help you in presenting the business value propositions to your clients in a more efficient and effective manner. Having a simple corporate brochure in a presentation will not provide an edge over your competitors. It’s right for you to analyze and put your PPT to a makeover.

Our professional Virtual Staff would help you in translating your service and products into powerful business presentations that promote your brand value. Our experts help you to impress your target audience in a better way. Our PowerPoint presentation designing services has very good knowledge in applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, InDesign, Coral Draw, Flash, etc.

Scheduling/Calendar Management

As a business grows, most of the businessmen find it tough to manage their increasing client base and the managerial tasks vital to keep their trade on track. Time management is definitely the most significant skill required for the success of a business, and it is even one of the most intricate aspects of running a business. Why it’s Vital to keep track? There is nothing more significant than time when we talk about business. If you fail to provide solutions or services at the right time, you will always be pushed back, which will never allow your business to expand. If you want to lead in a more proficient manner, then you will have to manage your time in an effective manner. Our highly efficient Virtual Staff can help you manage your time easily and efficiently.

Data Entry

At Save Your Hours, we have intense industry knowledge to manage any kind of data through its entire life cycle. Employing high-tech tools, we transform your data into a meaningful structure which allow you to take key business decisions wisely. We not only facilitate you to minimize expenses and maximize profits, but also assist you to improve the competence of your company’s valuable data. We refine processes on a regular basis to deliver high-quality data support services to our global clients. Being a reliable data entry service provider, we fully understand the value of data accuracy for a company and that is why our quality checking process ensures zero errors in all projects. Our virtual assistant as highly proficient in handling the entire process of data from document scanning, keying-from-image, data capture to optical character recognition.

We offer a wide range of data services to our clients without compromising on quality and turnaround time. Our Virtual Staff provide accurate and timely data entry services for a variety of industries and companies across the globe. Our highly experienced and capable Virtual Staff can handle large volumes of data entry and analysis.

Our data entry services include:

  • Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • Data entry from images
  • PDF document indexing
  • Online data capture services
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Creation of new databases and updates to existing databases for government agencies, banks, airlines, direct marketing services and service providers
  • Web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support
  • Mailing lists
  • Insurance claims entry
  • Data cleansing
  • Legal documents
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Hand written ballot/card entry
  • Online completion of surveys and responses of customers for various companies, at call centers
  • Data entry from e-book and e-magazine publications on the Internet
  • Data entry from hospital records, patient notes and accident reports
  • Business card indexing
  • Custom data export/import interfaces with audits
  • Bonded mail handling cash, credit and check processing
  • Data entry of birth records, municipal records, town records, and other legal documents

Data Management

While Data Management is crucial for today’s businesses, most of the organizations are ill-equipped to derive maximum value from this data. They don’t have the required experience, expertise or resources for storage, processing, collection, extraction, analyzing or monetizing this data.

We at Save your Hours  offer services in the areas of insurance back office processing, E-governance processing, record keeping, back office for BFSI clientele and telecom, data management requirements of large corporations.

Our Data Management services include:-

  • Master Data Management
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Acquisition and Integration
  • Business Stack Migrations
  • ERP Data Migrations
  • Data Reconciliations
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Test Data Management
  • Data Archival
  • Data Migrations with our in-house built platform UDMF
  • Social Media Analytics
  • In memory computing

Transcribing audio or video

Transcription services basically involve the conversion of an audio feed to text. These services are often a necessary element involved with the production of any multilingual video/audio content. One the text is transcribed, it can be captioned directly for the hearing impaired or as a tool for those who do not understand the original audio feed’s spoken version of the language or those who prefer to see subtitles in the source language to complement the audio stream.

Audio transcription (speech to text conversion) is an indispensable part of business meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, movies, etc. At Outsource2india (O2I), we offer audio transcription services for business organizations, educational institutes, legal establishments, and the entertainment industry. Our skilled staff can convert your interviews, lectures, seminars, conference calls, podcasts, movies (subtitling), etc. into accurate and error-free transcripts that are easy to read.

Our Audio & Video transcription Types include

  • Interviews
  • Reality Television
  • Documentary footage
  • Speeches and lectures
  • Focus groups
  • Undercover investigations
  • Depositions
  • YouTube and embedded video
  • Consumer audio / video projects
  • Captioning
  • Subtitle Services


Save Your Hours’s Invoicing Services are designed for organizations that wish to optimize their accounting functions. The service allows you to migrate, at your own pace, your buyers and suppliers from paper-based invoicing to most proficient and cost-effective electronic invoice processing. Paper-based invoicing is costly as it takes to process incoming and outgoing invoices and the material costs involved in the process. Electronic invoicing is simpler to track and less prone to error than manual processes, moreover, makes it easier to respond to queries and administrative requests.

Our Virtual Staff help you evolve your invoicing practices at a speed that suits your organization, suppliers and clients. Some suppliers and clients may, for example, still need a paper-based approach to fit in with their own accounting practices, and our solution is easily tailored around these needs.

Our cloud-based invoicing services enable you the ability to easily control your invoice payment and approval processes from any location and includes both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions. Both are scalable and flexible to match changing business needs, and are managed on a SaaS Service model so that you can simply manage your expenditure in an efficient manner.

Our service can help you:

  • Reduce energy by moving from paper-based to electronic invoicing
  • Save time by streamlining manual workflow and grow, the speed of invoice processing
  • Enhance productivity by freeing up employees to focus on other areas of the business
  • Improve cash flow management with a clear view of the funds
  • Support environmental policies with a move to paperless invoicing
  • Enhance document security by reducing the risks associated with physical transport and storage